Personal Electronics

video/spoken word performance
22:00, Saturday 2 August, 2008
Melbourne International Film Festival
Fortyfive Downstairs
45 Flinders Lane
Melbourne 3000

For more information see Personal Electronics Dossier at Direct Objective

Further performances are anticipated and your input is welcomed. Are negative comments being made about you? Do you worry about being observed or followed? Do you think that someone has it in for you? Do you worry that there is a conspiracy to harm you? Are there coded messages about you in the media? Do you think that others might control your actions and thoughts?

Psychological research shows that in recent years a significant number of people report that they have experiences and thoughts that might be described as 'paranoid'. In this performance Steven Ball will excavate and articulate the fears, the anxieties and the often all-too-real experiences that are reported. He would like to hear about any experiences of this kind that you might have, particularly if you plan to attend the performance

If you would like to contribute your fears, anxieties and experiences please enter them in the form below. Give as much or as little detail as you are comfortable with. The form has been designed so as to not register any personal details such as your name, email or IP address, contributions used in the performance will remain anonymous.