Tin/Car Situations/Storm Bugs


7 inch vinyl released: 1981 on the French label L"invitation au Suicide
Mixed and produced by Philip Sanderson and Steven Ball
Catalogue Number: L"invitation 0100

Side A
Side B
Car Situations

A departure from the usual Storm Bugs sound, Tin was a spoof rockabilly number, powered by acoustic guitar and a cut up drum loop. The b side Car Situations is more familiar Bugs territory. The single was the first release on the French label L"invitation au suicide label and came in a ten inch bag with the title Metamorphose printed on a fold out sleeve. This title and the sleeve design which features some rather substandard collage and dubious Nazi imagery was not agreed by Storm Bugs and was a "surprise" from the label. As such the band asked all purchasers of the single to keep the record but destroy the sleeve! Car Sitautions appears on the compilation CD Lets Go Outside and Get It Over.