"After some twenty years in the wilderness when Storm Bugs were known only to a handful of aficionados, the DIY electronic duo were rediscovered in 2000 when they were included on the deliciously dodgy but possibly seminal bootleg LP I Hate the Pop Group. A CD of the Bugs finer moments followed shortly after on the reactivated Snatch Tapes label and prompted one receiver to comment "How could such sounds, radically challenging the accepted texture of electronic music, have been recorded over 20 years ago?" Another review suggested that.. "they were spiritual forefathers to Oval and todays Clicks & Cuts generation". Since 2001 Storm Bugs have featured on stations such as Resonance FM and WFMU and there have been more archive recordings by Philip Sanderson (one half of the duo) reissued by labels such as Anomalous and Die Stadt including collaborations with Organum main man David Jackman. There was even an EP of new material The Bugs are Back put out by Klanggalerie in 2002. Many have thought that there must be more vintage Storm Bugs recordings in the attic and after a 2 year period of intense rummaging and restoration Fusetron are pleased to present a further installment of Storm Bugs material from 1978-82 entitled Up the Middle Down the Sides. The LP delves deep into the Snatch Tapes sound banks to produced two continuous collaged sides of often-spontaneous sonic experimentation. Tracks such as Skid Pan Buoy and Thin Line Flash of Traffic use the classic Bugs DIY instrumentation of rewired radios, scratched vinyl and disemboweled guitars (Storm Bugs were circuit bending before the term was invented). Other pieces such as Little Bob Minor exploit the sonic capabilities of that most eccentric of British synthesizers the VCS3. But this is not simply a barrage of industrial mayhem for spliced into the fabric of controlled excess are moments of contemplative soundscapes such as 111 and Waspbottle, the latter scored for a duet of milk bottle and wasp synthesiser. In short Up the Middle Down the Sides is possibly the first (and last) DIY electronic concept LP." - Storm Bugs. The Storm Bugs are Philip Sanderson and Steven Ball (with special guest David Jackman of Organum on the track In The Naked Girls Majesty).

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